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Start generating prospects and growing franchise sales.

So you’ve got a great franchise, you know who your prospects are and you’re ready to sell. Then splat! You hit a brick wall. You cannot grow beyond your several corporate stores. Your only franchisees are your close friends or family members.

You are locked in a struggle of panic and loss...

If you are struggling to expand your franchise, regardless of your expertise, this is the most important letter you’ll read today.

I'll show you why in a minute.


Here’s What Most Franchisors Think:

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For many years business developers have been relying on franchise portals to generate their leads and old school salesmen techniques to convert those leads into sales.

Many franchise owners think that franchise sales and successful expansion of the emerging franchise requires a subscription to multiple portals, only to learn in a few months mediocre leads, tossed around from one franchise to the other, cannot get them far, they actually get them nowhere.

Franchise sales pros, on the other hand, prefer to receive leads from lead generation services, and expect that the prospects will pick up a phone on the first ring or immediately open their email with a franchise brochure and schedule a call. However, often those expectations fail...

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Here, at Franchise Hive, we do not rely on portal leads. Actually, we don’t think that leads issue is the main franchise growth issue. The secret to our success is in the Franchise 3X Growth Program we developed and want to share with you. We nurture and grow our leads into sales using modern and automated marketing prospect-interaction sequences and funnels. Some of our clients grew from a few corporate stores to over 100 locations in 2 years!

See what we are doing differently.


It's time to take control and modernize things!

I want you to grab a piece of the action.

This opportunity has the potential of sustained franchise growth and you being able to monitor the whole process from beginning to end. You will keep the blueprint & all marketing collateral.

That’s exactly why I want to get my full-access blueprint in your hand as soon as possible.

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This blueprint could be the difference between you sitting on the sidelines and listening to excuses, OR monitoring the whole process from beginning to end, while we build & implement franchise sales funnels specifically for your company. Your marketing & automation plan and platform that you get to keep!

See, you have spent time and energy building the franchise system that works, the one that can be replicated and used by franchisees time and time again. But if you are struggling with building exponential growth, that means that you have failed building the franchise sales & marketing system that can be replicated to produce consistent results.

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The problem with most lead capture or lead management systems is that they are built as “one size fits all'. Meaning that the service works great for some businesses, but not for all. That’s because businesses are not created equal. We want to offer you a unique system that is custom built to help you convert your leads into franchise sales.


We call it The Franchise 3X Growth Program

Our goal is to 3X your franchise sales while you work with us. That means for every deal you are closing today you will be closing 3.

How do we get it done?

We eliminate the guesswork.
We introduce you to the Franchise Growth Blueprint that is currently used by several franchise organizations.

There is something you can keep.

We give you access to the system that was built using the Blueprint.

The system is yours for as long as you decide to keep and use it.

We 10X the lead traffic.
We pump the traffic through the system to provide quality prospects you will be closing the deals.
We walk you through the Franchise Growth Blueprint on the call. At the end of the call you will keep the copy of the Blueprint.
If we mutually agree to move forward, we get you onboard.
At that point your sales goals become our’s. We will measure each other’s performance by the number of deals closed each month.

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We onboard only 5 customers at a time. Once we book 5 customers, the program is closed for new customers to enter for some time.
Why are we so selective? - because we actually put our own money down to get the results.
On the call we walk you through the program requirements. We find only a few organizations ready to join the program.
At the end of the call you get a copy of the Franchise Growth Blueprint you can start implementing in your business today.

We invite you to learn about our promise and how this program can change the way you look at franchise growth. 

During our call, you’ll learn about the 3 stages we go through while we help you grow your franchise. We will talk about the Franchise Growth Marketing Automation system, which offers multiple touch points from the time the lead enters the system and goes through the sales cycle.


We will also talk about our 2nd collaboration stage, which is called “The Marketing Work” - This is where we work together to revive your franchise marketing by getting all marketing materials in order. The flow of quality leads will be established.


And finally the 3rd stage: “The Skin in the Game” - Here we bring the traffic volume from several sources at no cost to you. We offer this program to a limited group of customers.



Are These Franchises Any Different Than You?

I don’t think so. The people who run them are high achievers like you. People who were so thrilled and amazed with the results they’ve received while using our services that they’re willing to give us feedback and write a testimonial. It takes a heck of a product to inspire that kind of openness and cooperation. But see it for yourself…

This Is Truly A Limited Offer So Claim Your Spot Now Before They're All Gone

You have a choice to make: Do what you’ve been doing (or worse, do nothing at all). You know where that will lead... Is that really where you want to go? If the answer is NO, then take a new action and get a new result!

You won’t regret it! If nothing else, you will learn what new trends & innovations are happening right now in franchise sales.