How to generate franchise leads. Secret revealed.

How to generate franchise leads. Secret revealed.

There seems to be some secrecy about franchise lead generation.

I thought I would take 3 minutes and explain how digital marketing works when it comes to franchise lead generation.

It might seem like an oversimplified version but all it takes to understand basics and you can build complex things around.

So here you go.

All you need to generate franchise lead or any business lead are 2 things:

Online Sales Page
Social Media or Google Ad

That’s it.

You just have learned about the ingredients for the recipe.

So what to do next?

Pick your most successful competitor.

Look at their Facebook ads – it is wide open to see on their Facebook business page. Make your ads look similar.

Look at their Online Sales Page and make your page look similar to theirs. Replace their content with yours.

Done! Start advertising, drive traffic to the sales page and get leads.

You can watch YouTube videos to learn how to create and run ads or hire someone to do it for you.

Just don’t let anyone tell you that the above is hard to do and worth thousands of dollars per month.

A word of caution: you might learn 2 things very quickly: One is good and one is not a very good one.

The good thing is that you will be getting leads, very exciting. The not very good thing is that leads are not very good, actually they might be very bad. That’s where the power of ad targeting comes in! But … this is a whole other post, stay tuned!

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Dmitriy Lobanov

I help franchises grow by optimizing franchise marketing initiatives and generate franchise leads. I share my marketing knowledge online and through events in various parts of the world. Connect with me on LinkedIn.