How important are the reviews?

How important are the reviews?

Nowadays, when EVERYONE is competing for everyone’s attention to showcase their products or services, it has become extremely difficult to stand out if you are a small business. All social media channels are over flooded with content and offers. It has become extremely hard to not just gain followers, but stay in their feeds!

To ensure that your business has a consistent representation in social media has become a full time job. The most frustrating part is that the benefits of maintaining a social profile are not immediately visible and cannot be always properly measured.

If you own a website, again, there is a frustration of it not showing up on first pages of Google. Any search optimization techniques used are usually the ones that produce results “down the road”. More often than not business owners have to ask “Are those techniques really working for my business”?

In this oversaturated landscape there is still ONE TOOL that is at your disposal. It is as simple as it is effective!
Drum roll …. It is your Google Business Profile and its “lovely children” – > google business reviews. Period.

It is overwhelmingly clear, the more positive reviews your business has, the more sales and revenue it can generate. The Google Business Profile reviews are a useful tool to create a trustable customer base. The reviews that are posted on the Google Business Profile page are considered a valuable tool for the customers to make their buying decisions. The positive reviews have a HUGE impact on the sales.

The Google Business Profile reviews are also a powerful tool to improve product or service visibility and the search. The positive reviews simply skyrocket your business in local searches.

With everyone being adamant about their social profiles, you will be surprised to know how many businesses simply NEGLECT their Google Business Profile. Majority of the business owners think that just providing their business address and phone number is enough. They are wrong!!!!

When Google Business Profile is set up, configured, & maintained correctly, the results are instant. We, at SMART Hive, believe that Google Business Profile is one of the few tools available for small businesses currently that is not oversaturated with marketing noise and still capable of producing visible results for your bottom line.

We have created fully automated workflows for collecting reviews and generating valuable content. We have researched and established the perfected recipe for this dish that is Google Business Profile. We have all the ingredients.

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Dmitriy Lobanov

I help franchises grow by optimizing franchise marketing initiatives and generate franchise leads. I share my marketing knowledge online and through events in various parts of the world. Connect with me on LinkedIn.