Franchise leads program for franchise consultants.

Hello - 

Let us get right to the point. 

We are excited to announce that we’ve recently launched our Pay-per-Lead franchise lead generation program. 

This program is stripped down to the barebones to eliminate any unnecessary expenses on our end, so that we don’t have to push those expenses on you.

Franchise Hive Leads
Franchise Hive Leads 2

Several franchise consultants and brokers were selected to test the program. 6 months later, after we sent hundreds of leads and saw the results, we decided to offer this program to the franchise community.

We are really excited about this program because we know that now we can help so many people…

… to help franchise developers make money selling franchises, but, more importantly, to help franchise prospects find their dream business and get financial and time freedom.

Over the years, we’ve built different marketing programs - but this one is different.


Because we broke all the rules. We removed contract obligations, no long-term contracts, retainers, none of that. We dropped the price of leads, not to compete on prices but to be able to get as many leads as possible in franchise developers’ hands and enable them to succeed. 

… because we have a dream to help people to get financial freedom through owning a franchise business.

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There are $100 franchise leads on the market - our leads are $19… same or better quality. You can get 5 leads for the price of one …if lead cost matters to you.

If you need franchise leads to reach your sales goals, we might be able to help. 

You can get as little as 100 leads per month to try and see the difference for yourself. 

Although we have several franchisors participating in this program, it is more beneficial to franchise consultants for different reasons.

To learn how this program works, learn about the money back guarantee, and see if you are qualified for the program, we suggest you book a 30-minute discovery session. 

Franchise Hive Team