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There are many ways to generate franchise leads. Keeping in mind that franchise organizations have different business development goals, we created 3 franchise lead generation plans for you.

Our Trial plan is for franchise sales executives, franchise brokers, and franchise sales teams who are looking to change their franchise lead generation strategy but do not want to commit to an agreement or are currently under contractual obligations with a marketing agency. 

How are franchise leads generated?

Once approved for a trial project, you will receive access to our franchise CRM system where you can review franchise leads we generate for you. We will review your current marketing materials and run paid advertising campaigns online and through social media channels. We generate leads specifically for your franchise brand; these are not generic leads that are shuffled between different companies.

How are leads generated in our Premium plan?

For our Premium plan clients, we bring the best marketing tools available on the market to promote franchise organizations. We become an extension of your franchise sales team with the marketing expertise we bring to the table.

Before jumping into franchise lead generation, we provide a digital marketing audit and review all marketing assets available. If needed, we build landing pages, email and SMS drip campaigns, and provide recommendation on a content building plan. Our advertising approach is built on utilizing franchise databases that allows us to bring leads based on franchise development requirements. The process is custom and fine-tuned to get the best potential buyers for your franchise. We provide consulting sessions to our clients on different aspects of marketing, not just franchise lead generation.

Who is our Custom plan for?

We understand that the key to exponential growth is an exponential increase in sales activities. Some of our clients come to us with specific goals, and we help match their sales goals with franchise marketing initiatives. We also build custom programs for our Premium plan clients after successfully working together for some period of time.