FranchIse Sales Obstacle: No Hurry

FranchIse Sales Obstacle: No Hurry

Every franchise sale has four basic obstacles:
No need, No Money, No hurry, No trust
Today we are discussing another top 4 objection – No hurry πŸšΆβ€β™€οΈ
To overcome No Hurry obstacle one would need to create a sense of urgency.
1. Create urgency from the the moment a lead enters your pipeline
A common mistake that salespeople make is not providing clear and easy to follow instructions. They get so caught up in their own process that they forget to tell their customer what to do.
In the sales process, this means that you should outline all of the steps that the prospect will need to take in order to close the deal at the beginning of your conversation.
2. Set follow-up dates that are not far apart
Decrease the time between communications. This is a great way to create urgency. If a lead is unable to make another appointment within a relatively short period of time, a great way to alleviate the lack of contact is by sending a reminder in between your communications.
3. Focus on urgency of solving a problem.
During your conversations with a lead, continue to emphasize the problem they are experience and how great this particular franchise solution will be in solving it. Instead of focusing on time or trying to get them to make a decision, focus on the urgency of solving the problem.
4. Do not forget to state the real urgent matters
A compelling event is always a great way to create urgency. There is usually a limit of how many franchises can be opened within a certain area. This means that your proposal is a limited incentive that has an expiration date (condition) rather than a standard price increase warning that some use as a tactic.
5. Quantify the Cost of Inaction
A lot of potential buyers think that doing nothing – costs nothing. Whereas in case with a franchise purchase it could not be further from the truth. Be prepared to show financials and calculations demonstrating that a lead will in fact be loosing certain amount of income each month, the longer they delay their decision.

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