Perfect Automation for Lead Interactions… Is this a dream?

Perfect Automation for Lead Interactions… Is this a dream?

In our previous post we discussed that it takes between 100 and 150 leads to close just one franchise sale.
This number seems pretty daunting. What we sometimes see is after a sales person accumulates 100+ leads in their pipeline, if he/she is not extremely organized, the leads slip through the cracks. This complacency unfortunately means, that it will take much more than 150 leads to close one sale.
How to prevent this from happening?

Automation! Automation! Automation!

A serious sales person must have a solid sales & marketing software at their disposal that allows creation of pipelines, workflows, and automation loops.

Here at Franchise Hive, when we acquire a new client, we assist them with building a multi-touch automation funnel. The funnel that includes multiple emails, SMS messages, and calls. The image above is an actual workflow automation that we had built for our clients. It is not a dream! The automation ensures that all leads meticulously go through each stage, receive all required emails and SMS messages. Has a lead missed a call? No worries, our “no show” automation will remind them to reschedule a call multiple times.

If you go through 100s of leads each month and feel that you do not have a software you can rely on to consistently do the repetitive work for you, we invite you to check our SMARTHive CRM and Marketing tool.
We have configured it specifically for franchise lead generation and have multiple funnels pre-built for you.
Our funnels usually include 4 calls, 2-3 emails and 2-3 SMS messages. We also have a “no show – reschedule” sequence, and a “missed call re-engagement” sequence. To make things even more convenient, all communication with all leads is kept in one place and you can easily talk to your leads by email/phone/SMS right from the application.

We firmly believe, those, who follow through and ensure that the lead receives multiple touch points, are the ones who boast enviable sales numbers.

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