Generate Franchise Leads with Powerful Franchise Email Marketing Tactics in 2023


One of the great methods for getting connected and engaged with your franchise leads is using social media sites like Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn. However, people claim that email marketing no longer continues to be an effective and suitable franchise digital marketing tool because of the success of social media.


Stop listening to them, as these are just misguided beliefs. Email marketing is still alive and doing well as one of the most effective and powerful techniques for online franchise marketing.


Table of Contents


1. What is franchise email marketing?
2. Franchise Email Marketing vs Social Media Marketing
2.1 Make Your Social Network Followers Subscribe to Your Email List
2.2 Consider Your Email Subscribers as Gold
3. Franchise Nurture Emails
3.1 Drip, Nurture, or Thank You Emails. Which One to Use?
3.2 Tell Your Franchise Story
3.3 Offer Franchise Leads Valuable Free Information
3.4 Pick the Right Time and Send Your Email
3.5 Remember to Educate and NOT Sell
3.6 Link Franchise Nurturing Emails to Your Social Media Presence
4. Design a Franchise Newsletter
5. Establish a Strong Bond With Your Franchise Leads
6. An Inexpensive and Effective Franchise Marketing Technique
7. Underestimating the Power of Email Marketing is a Mistake
8. 5 Tips to Maximize the Productivity of Your Email Marketing Campaigns


What is franchise email marketing?


To start with, you must know what email marketing is before moving towards the reasons explaining why it is so useful in business.


When a franchise lead visits your website and provides their personal information, including their email address, they do so in exchange for receiving more information about your franchise offer with the aim to keep in touch with you through email. This is known as franchise email marketing.


Franchise email marketing enables you to build customer loyalty, earn trust, and promote brand awareness while encouraging your leads to get in touch with you and discuss the opportunity to become a franchisee.


Franchise email marketing has several benefits. It is a great marketing tool, although it seems to possess a bad reputation with businesses who fail to understand it fully.


Some companies think that people dislike finding an email from a stranger and they immediately delete it, considering it spam and thinking badly about their company.


This may be true to some extent, mainly because franchises have failed to take devote their time and effort for nurturing their franchise leads. With proper execution, a franchise email marketing campaign can work exceptionally well for your franchise.


Franchise Email Marketing vs Social Media Marketing


As explained earlier, social media sites like Facebook and LinkedIn are superb ways to connect with both existing and potential franchise leads. They are ideal platforms for word of mouth advertising, creating a strong bond with your current audience, and putting your franchise in front of a new audience.


Both email and social media marketing tools are necessary for your franchise business. However, with social media advertising tactics, you cannot know who exactly is seeing your messages or when they are seen.


Apart from this, you cannot have complete control over your social media connections, as social media sites like LinkedIn and Facebook keep making changes without notifying how they could affect the way you are connecting with your followers.


Social media sites do not provide you with the opportunity to connect with your franchise leads one-on-one as you can connect through emails. Using franchise email marketing, your campaigns can be fine-tuned, while forming a list of leads who show genuine interest in what your franchise has to offer.


Even if you have a large number of social media followers, they are certainly following other pages as well, which reduces your message’s effect. The same thing is true about franchise emails; however, by sending a personalized email, you can gain prospects’ attention as they would actually open and read your email.


The organic reach of social media is shrinking, as the majority of marketing activities shift into social media advertising. This makes it very difficult and sometimes budget prohibitive for franchise organizations to reach their followers. For more information on social media marketing for franchises, click here.



To be sure that you have full control over your franchise lead lists, it is important for you to make an effort and transform your social media followers into an email-marketing list.


How Can You Make Your Social Network Followers Subscribe to Your Email List?


Turning social media followers into email subscribers is not as difficult as you might think. You just have to provide them with a reason for joining your email list. Offer them something for which they would not mind giving their email address, like a case study or recent industry report.


Consider Your Email Subscribers as Gold


When a franchise lead approaches you by trusting you with their email address, they are conveying to you that they like whatever you are offering and want to know you more.


Think of it this way: you have been invited by them into their inbox. Therefore, it is your responsibility that this relationship and trust should not be abused by the bombardment of your sales pitches that keep promoting your franchise. You must nurture your email list. 



Franchise Nurture Emails


Franchise nurture emails are excellent instruments which you can use to move franchise leads down the sales funnel until they make a purchase. Nurture emails, drip campaigns, and thank you emails are all very similar in nature. Actually, your thank you email may even be part of your current overall franchise lead nurturing strategy!


Here, we’re going to include everything you need to know about franchise nurture emails to enable you to develop a powerful franchise lead nurturing plan that educates and encourages your contacts. An effective lead nurturing strategy will encourage prospects to sign up for your offer, help them make their decision about moving forward with your franchise, or trigger any other action that you’re leading them towards.


Drip, Nurture, or Thank You Emails. Which One to Use?


While every one of these types of franchise nurturing emails are very similar, they all have distinct functions and can be used in different ways:


  • Drip Email Campaigns


Franchise Drip nurturing emails are automated franchise marketing campaigns that can be used for a variety of different purposes. For example, you could create a drip franchise marketing campaign targeting more aged contacts in your franchise CRM and encourage them to come back and revisit your franchise offer. Or, you could potentially send a new franchise offer via a drip campaign that drives franchise leads to your website.


  • Thank You Emails


Thank You email could also be called a franchise email drip campaign, these types of emails are generally designed specifically for brand new franchise leads so that they can become more knowledgeable about your franchise company. We created great blog post called Effective Thank You Franchise Email Campaign so you can learn even more about franchise email campaign and examples.


  • Nurture Franchise Email Campaigns


Nurture franchise emails’ purpose is to educate and nurture franchise leads. Far more educational than most other franchise drip campaigns, nurture emails are still a form of email marketing, but often communicate the value of a franchise company or educate franchise leads about topics they are most interest in, such as franchise price, training, financing options, etc. Franchise nurture emails are great resources for moving leads throughout the franchise sales funnel until they’re prepared and open to dialogue with the franchise business development team.



Tell Your Franchise Story


Telling a personalized franchise story is a great franchise nurturing tactic. Franchise leads and franchise prospects visit multiple franchise companies looking for the perfect franchise option. By offering them a concise, appealing message about the history and differential benefits of your franchise, franchise leads will be encouraged to make additional steps towards decision making in the franchise sales process.


Offer Franchise Leads Valuable Free Information


A franchise industry report covering recent trends and shifts in the marketplace might be valuable information for franchise leads that are in the process of deciding what industry to focus their franchise purchase decision on. Case studies are also a good way to interest franchise leads in your franchise company and industry in general.


Pick the Right Time and Send Your Email


Getting into your franchise leads’ inbox at the right time is very important for franchise nurture emails.


Don’t wait for several days to send a Thank You email to your franchise leads after they take their first step to interact with your franchise company. Make it a priority to send that email right away!


Franchise email automation tools are very handy when it comes to scheduling your franchise email flow. We created an article specifically covering different franchise email marketing tools called The 5 Best Franchise Email Marketing Tools and How to Use Them to Uplift Franchise Sales.



Remember to Educate and NOT Sell


Franchise lead nurturing emails must help you educate your franchise leads.


As a franchise sales executive, you have plenty of time to connect with your franchise leads and deliver a sales pitch. Franchise emails are not for the sales pitch; they exist to educate, nurture, and help you make the franchise sale down the road. Use this franchise digital marketing tool for what it was designed – to educate your franchise leads.


Provide information that encourages franchise leads to explore about your company, triggers their curiosity about your franchise, and moves them closer to making an educated decision. Don’t drop a waterfall of sales information on your franchise leads, especially if they just learned about your brand.


When considering becoming a franchisee, franchise leads appreciate a genuine story about how the franchise owner started the company a few years ago, and the hurdles the company had to go through to become a market leader.



Link Franchise Nurturing Emails to Your Social Media Presence


Remember, it is important to create a cohesive experience for franchise leads that follow you through social media. Make sure your franchise nurture emails have the same tone and identity as your social media communication.


Design a Franchise Newsletter


A perfect way to remain in touch with your franchise leads is through a franchise newsletter. It gives you an ideal mix of updates, news, information and special offers about your franchise to develop engagement with the leads and enables them to know more about your company. A franchise newsletter is also an excellent way of encouraging calls to action.


The main purpose of a franchise newsletter is to make available relevant information which your ideal franchise buyer persona wants to read. The information contained in the newsletter should be passionate and interesting, moving franchise leads one step closer to a franchise sale. 



Establish a Strong Bond With Your Franchise Leads


As time goes by, your connection with your franchise leads should grow. As it becomes stronger, the loyalty of your leads to your business increases and consequently, your business sales and profits get a boost. Your franchise will get new referrals, opportunities, and mutually beneficial associations together with building a new influx of franchise leads.


An Inexpensive and Effective Franchise Marketing Technique


Franchise email marketing is one of the lucrative ways for promoting any business. Over time, you can form a mailing list with numerous potential franchise prospects who show deeper interest in your franchise brand. Communicating with your franchise leads is absolutely free and each of your email results in bringing them closer to a franchise sale.


The cost of running franchise email marketing campaigns is relatively inexpensive, compared to other franchise marketing activities. We cover several franchise marketing tools in our article Top 5 Franchise Email Marketing Tools.


Underestimating the Power of Email Marketing is a Mistake


Hopefully, by now, you can agree with us that franchise email marketing tool neither a dead nor obsolete marketing tool. Franchise email marketing provides you more control over the message communicated to prospects. In fact, by giving their email address, franchise leads actually permit you to contact them. This action reveals their interest in your franchise offer.


Through franchise email marketing, you are provided with the opportunity to form a strong relationship with your leads. Utilizing your email list properly means your franchise leads will like you more and trust your franchise. Ultimately, you are provided with a much better opportunity of increasing sales than your competitors.


Now that you understand the power of franchise email marketing, you can create and run campaigns yourself and continue to establish a stronger bond with your franchise leads. 


It takes some time and effort to become successful in creating a winning franchise email marketing campaign and establishing a relationship with your leads. If you do so properly, you will see your franchise business’ profits bar rise. If you do it badly, you will see your business sales decrease and it may also damage your brand reputation. 


Here are some tips to help you navigate in the franchise email marketing journey.


5 Tips to Maximize the Productivity of Your Franchise Email Marketing Campaigns


  • Make it Interesting


Make sure you include lots of valuable information in your email messages. It should be done in a way that captures your reader’s interest. Avoid sending out sales pitches or making it only about you. Add information that is actually relevant and useful for your target audience. 


  • Provide a Visible Link for Unsubscribing


Your readers feel comfortable when they think that they have full control over their communications and are not being pressured to do anything. Therefore, never forget to include a link for unsubscribing from your future email messages. Trying to hide it or not providing any link will only earn you frustration and anger of your subscribers, leading you to achieve completely opposite results of what you intended to achieve.


  • Ask for Feedback


Feedback from your audience is necessary to make your relationship with them stronger and to enhance your email marketing projects. Keep asking for opinions, suggestions, or feedback from your franchise leads. 


  • Measure your Success


Another way to receive passive feedback is through email franchise marketing programs that track information regarding the number of people opening up your emails, or clicking on links within them. All such feedbacks are essential for you to continuously improve and engage with your audience.


  • Make Your Email Messages Mobile Friendly


These days, your franchise leads can access email messages on their tablets and mobile phones. Therefore, it is of utmost importance that you format your franchise emails correctly to ensure they fit mobile screens and provide a seamless experience.


Wrapping Up


If you follow our advice and put time and effort into creating franchise email marketing campaigns, you should be able to accomplish key franchise marketing goals.


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