The Fastest, Most Efficient Way to Organize Your Franchise

A powerful, easy-to-use franchise management system for managing operations and organizing multiple business locations

The Fastest, Most Efficient Way to Scale Your Franchise

A powerful, easy-to-use system for managing operations and organizing multiple business locations

Why Your Business Needs Franchise Management System for Hassle-Free Growth

When a franchisee invests in and commits to your brand, they’re risking a lot of time, money, and the future of their career. Their families are depending on the success they have when implementing your business model.

Most new franchisees expect a plug-and-play system that’s ready to go from day one – that’s why they are investing in a franchise instead of building a business from scratch. If you haven’t developed a scalable system that they can quickly learn and use, their chances of success decrease dramatically.

You can’t support 20, 30, or 50+ franchise units with Excel spreadsheets and ongoing in-person training like you can with your first few locations. What got you here won’t get you there. In other words – the same tools and processes that help you grow from 1 to 5 locations won’t allow you to grow from 5 to 100 locations.

FranchiseHive is an online franchise management system that franchisors and franchisees can securely access to manage calendars, track expenses, monitor inventory levels, communicate with vendors, exchange and store documents, and assist with all other business tasks at scale – all from one web portal.

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How It Works

1. Franchisor onboarding and portal configuration

Each franchisee gets their own personal account to manage their location and communicate with the franchisor through our centralized platform. Every employee also has an account with permission-based access to features relevant to their role.


2. Add training modules and prepare vendor marketplace

Adding training materials to the FranchiseHive portal is quick and easy. Our vendor marketplace includes a directory of approved nationwide vendors for company uniforms, marketing services, and everything else you might need. You can add vendors you already work with as well.

3. Customize your user experience

We can create custom forms to simplify ongoing business tasks for you, such as tracking freezer temperatures, logging food truck miles, and other data specific to your business. Rather than messing with separate spreadsheets, you can keep everything organized in one location.


4. Implement and start scaling

FranchiseHive is a plug-and-play franchise management system that your franchisees can start using as soon as the onboarding process is complete.

The Powerful Features FranchiseHive Offers

Online Training

Successful franchisors offer the best support to their franchisees. FranchiseHive allows you to add training materials for franchisees and their employees, such as documents and videos, that they can access anytime.

You can also create quizzes that report scoring to corporate to ensure that everyone on the team is ready to go. Plus, trainees can communicate with their supervisor or corporate throughout the training process.

Vendor Marketplace

We source nationwide vendors to support your franchise with product inventory, employee uniforms, digital marketing services, and everything else your business needs from a centralized hub.

We even audit our vendors to ensure that they are experienced, trustworthy, and cost-effective. You can add any vendor you already work with or source yourself to our vendor marketplace as well.

Organizing all of your vendors in one central marketplace ensures that you maintain a uniform brand identity across all locations at all times!

Franchisee Monitoring and Communication

Franchisors can monitor and audit the business activities of all franchisees in real-time. If you change a business policy or need to make an announcement, you can send out messages and notifications to all of your franchise locations at once.

You get access to robust reporting and analytics with visual tools to carefully examine the performance of your franchise locations.

Partners In Growth

Every franchise needs a scalable business framework to sustain growth and adequately support franchisees. We want to be your partner in growth.

FranchiseHive is designed to take your franchise from 1 to 100+ locations fast. Our technology is lightyears ahead of the other franchise management systems at a fraction of the price.

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