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Our goal is to help franchisors and franchisees navigate the waters of franchise marketing. We provide practical digital marketing guides, industry case studies and share best franchise marketing practices. 

franchise marketing tools

5 Franchise Marketing Tools and Why You Should Never Pay for Them in 2021

This article covers 5 major franchise marketing tools that every franchisor must use to be successful in franchise lead generation and franchise business development.   You can use the table of contents to jump to the tool that interests you the most. For more information about these franchise marketing tools, we discuss specific details about…

franchise buyer persona

How to Build a Franchise Buyer Persona in 2021

A franchise buyer persona is a detailed description of your ideal franchisee. It is used in franchise marketing to generate qualified franchise leads and attract prospective franchisees – that’s it.   Focus on the word detailed description.   For example: “People who want to be their own boss” is not a good description of your…

franchise marketing team building

5 Tips For Building a Franchise Marketing Team in 2021

Behind any successful business is a strong team, but behind an exceptional business is a superhero team. Franchise businesses are no exception to this rule.    Franchise marketing is the most overlooked component, usually outsourced or dropped on the laps of the franchise development team. This is partially because of the franchise leadership team’s lack…


Top 6 Franchise Marketing Tips for Emerging Franchises in 2021

Do your Franchise Marketing Homework Before you Register your Franchise!   You have a successful business and decide to expand your brand through franchising. Before you offer your franchise to prospective franchisees, you have to go through several legal registration steps and create a franchise disclosure agreement or FDD.   Usually, it takes between 3-6…

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How to Get Franchise Leads in 2021 – 3 Things to Know

Sales leads are the blood of all franchise organizations. Failing to get quality franchise leads can be frustrating for both franchisors and brokers.   When things are going well and companies are getting a healthy flow of franchise leads, they can move them down the sales pipeline and eventually convert some prospects into franchisees. In…


Is Social Media Still Relevant for Franchise Marketing in 2021?  

You would not believe how many times I have heard franchise sales executives tell me: “ I don’t think our prospective franchisees are on Facebook or Instagram”.   Really… Seriously… There are 2.4 billion people in the world using Facebook and over 1 billion people using Instagram. I’m not sure why those sales executives think…


Franchise Content Marketing Strategy for Successful Franchise Marketing Campaigns in 2021

It is not easy to produce a successful franchise marketing campaign but when done correctly the results are rewarding. Content is the cornerstone for any outstanding marketing campaign. Content marketing is about getting in from of the audience while building authority. Although understanding the importance of having marketing content many franchise organizations shy away from…


Generate Franchise Leads with Powerful Franchise Email Marketing Tactics in 2021

One of the great methods for getting connected and engaged with your franchise leads is using social media sites like Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn. However, people claim that email marketing no longer continues to be an effective and suitable franchise digital marketing tool because of the success of social media.   Stop listening to them,…


Franchise Lead Generation: How to Get Quality Franchise Leads in 2021

Welcome to a deep dive into the world of franchise lead generation. The goal of this article is to unveil how franchise leads are generated, corresponding franchise marketing tools, and best practices.    References to other franchise marketing resources that may be of interest to you are linked throughout the article.   Table of Contents…