FranchIse Sales Obstacle: No Trust

FranchIse Sales Obstacle: No Trust

Every franchise sale has four basic obstacles:
No need, No Money, No hurry, No trust
Today we are discussing an important one – No trust 🤗
You need to position yourself as someone who is trustworthy. So, how do you do that?
Demonstrating your knowledge of your product.
Showing that you know the market.
Showing that you know your competition.
Showing that you know your industry.
Showing that you know your clients.
Showing that you know your customers.
And you need to sell the company as a franchise that is stable, growing and winning in the market. You need to make them believe it will still be around in two, three, five years. They need to clearly see how it will be making money for them for years to come.
One study found that trust is rated as the single most important factor when purchasing, ahead of experience and cost. Demonstrating high levels of knowledge about company & their products / services (74%) is the most important factor in creating trust.
If your lead does not have the confidence that the franchise you are selling is the right choice for them, they won’t feel comfortable enough to commit. Instead, they’ll try to find a way out, they’ll try to avoid making a decision. They’ll try to avoid taking the risk.
How will they do this?
Reverting to the easiest objection: “I have no money”.
This clearly shows that No money – No trust are the two objections that are closely related. Not being able to overcome one, you will not be able to overcome another. This means if you hear “No money” objection often, it is time to think of ways to position yourself and your franchise as both trustworthy and reliable entities.
Happy selling!

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