What is Franchise Industry Lead Closure Rate?

What is Franchise Industry Lead Closure Rate?

In a nutshell: it takes more than 100 leads to get to the close of a franchise sale.
This means that you need a significant quantity of leads to close a franchise sale. Finding the right franchisees requires a large volume of candidates to find the ideal buyers.
Broad industry statistics suggests that it takes between 100 and 150 leads to get 1 sale.
As a broker, or a franchisor, what are your thoughts on this number?
As a leading Franchise Leads generator we think that this number makes sense, if you do the math. An average lead on the market is $50. This means that if you need 150 leads to close a sale you will spend $7500. Is $7500 worth spending to create income from 1 franchise sale? Generally yes, depending on your franchise agreements and commissions of course.
Here at Franchise Hive, the financials look much much better! Our leads cost $19 a piece. Based on multiple surveys of our current clients they need 100 leads to close 1 or 2 deals.
This means that our clients pay $1900 or even $950 per sale! This, of course, assumes that you, as a sales person, still have to do due diligence and work the leads. Multiple calls, SMS messages, emails and reminders have to be executed in a professional and timely manner. Persistence is the key. In our next post we will show you how we help our clients ensure high closing rates. Stay tuned.


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